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       Meet our Board of Directors * We have a seven person board. Our members are elected for a two year term at our annual meeting in February. Four members are elected one year and the other three are elected the following year. Members who are current with their dues prior to the annual meeting are qualified to run for office and vote. In 2017 we will be electing / re-electing three members to the Board. After the election of Members, the Board will elect the Officers at their first meeting.

Kay Thornburg
President 2016 - 2017

Co Founder of the Misfits
Directed Christmas Tree Farm 2011


Carole Bruch
Member 2016 -2017

Graphic Design, Publicity
Lighting and Set Construction


Eddie Hult
Treasurer 2015 -2016

Directed Como Indian Scare of 1863
Tex Cassidy in Irish Eyes


Gail Gundersen
Secretary 2016 - 2017

Wrote and Directed
A Travel in Time or They Eat A Lot

Erin Copp
Member 2015- 2016

A Travel in Time or They Eat A Lot
Elves in Tights

Steve Whiteside
Member 2016

A Travel in Time or They Eat A Lot
Set Construction

Andra Woolman
Member 2016-2017

Directed Murder Most Fouled Up
Elves in Tights

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