Past Productions

Timber! (December 2019)
Flavus Foiled Forever!  (October 2019)
Mrs. McMahon (April 2019)
The Arcane Lantern (October 2018)
Sp’Getty Anyone?–A Rich Dish in Dayton (June 2018)
The Maguffin–or–What Exactly is a Toyfe? (April 2018)

How The Little Bad Elves Became Good–or–Short is the New Tall (December 2017)

The Instein Inn–or–Frank’s Mad Pad (October 2017)

Meet the Weavers (April 2017)

The Love Child–or–Mysteries of Cosmic Awareness (October 2016)

Arson & Murder at the Odeon Hall–or–Dewey Do Time? (April 2016)

Elves in Tights (Decemer 2015)

Where’s Grandpa? (October 2015)

The Strange Escapades of Larry, Curly, and Moe-Reese (April 2015)

Phantom of the Brassiere Factory (October 2014) (Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness)

The Eagle Boarding House (October 2014)

Travel in Time–or–They Eat a Lot (May 2014)

Twas the Night Before Murder (December 2013)

The Drunkard–or–The Fallen Saved (October 2013)

Hysterial Historical Dayton of Yore (September 2013) (Skits to support the Dayton Community Center)

Gold Casino–or–Bar-B-Tender (May 2013)

Hollywood Heartthrob–or–Unrequited Love to the Rescue (October 2012)

Sin, Sex, and the CIA (April 2012)

Christmas Tree Farm (December 2011)

Murder Most Fouled Up (October 2011)

Como Indian Scare (April 2011)

Unspeakables (October 2010)

The Misfits Skit (September 2010) (Dayton Valley Days)

I Simple “I Do” Will Do (April 2010)

Christmas Tree Farm (December 2009)

Klondike Gold (November 2009)

Showdown at Phingerdo — or– Bad Day at Dead Frog’s Flat (March 2009)

The Perils of Pusher (July 2008) (Fundraiser for the V&T Railroad)

To Drill or Not to Drill (April 2008)

Company Christmas Party (December 2007)

Asparagus Blight and the Single Girl (November 2007) (Fundraiser for the Dayton Historical Society)

Irish Eyes Murders (March 2007) (for Carson City’s Senior Meels on Wheels)

High Jinks on the Home Front–or–Who Gets the Gizmo (November 2006)

Dirty Deeds Don’t Do–or–Dayton Diggins Again (March 2006)

Mischief in Mindin–or–Dexter Done Wrong (January 2006)

Ballad of Dayton Diggins–or–Dexter Done Wrong (November 2005)

Class Reunion–or–True Love Wins Out (June 2005)

The Red Lamp–or–Who’s Going to Pahrump? (March 2005)

The Unspeakables–or–Tea Time in Dayton (November 2004)

The Love Child–or–Mysteries of Cosmic Awareness (July 2004)



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